play flight/OPen gym

Play Flight is open gym time for established adult (18+) aerialists to condition and practice. This is self-guided play time in a safe environment and an opportunity to hone skills you have learned in class, condition, work on sequencing, get feedback from your fellow students, practice an upcoming routine for LIFT OFF, and have fun!

Play Flight is listed on the schedule at 6am, but PLAY FLIGHT IS NOT AT 6AM.

Once you have made your reservation, you are welcome to practice whenever classes are being held in the studio on that date. You may stay as long as classes are in session or until all instructors have left the studio. All apparatus not being used for class are available for practice and may change over the course of the day; please check the class schedule to make sure your apparatus of choice is not already in use by a class when planning your practice time.

All students must have approval to participate, please check with your instructor to see if you are ready to fly solo.

Visiting students from other studios are welcome, but you will need to attend at least one group aerial class or private lesson in order for our instructors to determine if you have the experience and skills necessary to practice without guidance/spotting before joining our unproctored open gym time. This does not include Aerial Boot Camp, which is a conditioning circuit class.

Please be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early and alert the instructor before class begins that you wish to be assessed for Play Flight clearance. Open gym time is a privilege granted to those who have been approved by an Aviary instructor to train unattended according to our studio standards, no exceptions will be made. Thank you for respecting our commitment to safe training practices.

Professional performers and instructors, please contact us with a link to your website to be cleared for Play Flight.

  • $10 per flight

  • $50 for a six flight package

  • $75 unlimited monthly flight pass (expires 1 month from purchase date)


Are you a responsible and experienced aerialist looking for seriously unlimited open gym time?
Contact us to inquire about our Keymaster program!